Burger Battle: Scott Pasmore vs. Javier Soto


by Catherine Holland

Taste testing and judging by Kaley O'Kelley, April Warnecke and Gina Maravilla

Posted on May 14, 2014 at 12:44 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 14 at 12:47 PM

PHOENIX -- It was the battle of the burgers on "Good Morning Arizona" Wednesday. Scott Pasmore and Javier Soto faced off to see who makes the best burger in the land. Or at least in the GMAZ office.

Soto uses ground beef with some fat -- he says that's key to getting a good flavor -- Montreal Steak Seasoning and Worcestershire sauce. He also has a secret ingredient. He adds some honey to his meat before forming the patties and grilling them up.

"That'll pick up the flavor," he said.

Pasmore's approach is a little different. His burger is based on those served at Nu Way in Wichita, Kan., where he grew up. Nu Way has been in business since 1930, so clearly they're doing something right.

Nu Way's claim to fame is its crumbly  or "loose meat" hamburgers and their model is the one Pasmore has followed for years.

He puts browned ground beef on a bun with cheese, mustard and ketchup, covers each burger with plastic wrap and then pops them in the microwave.

Kaley O'Kelley, April Warnecke and Gina Maravilla were the official judges. Chef Joey Maggiore of Notorious Burgers also weighed in with his expert opinion.

Everybody loved both burgers, but said they were distinctly different.

So, who won bragging rights for best burger? Watch the video above to find out.