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Dog abandoned with note on collar

Dog abandoned with note on collar

Credit: WFAA

Eight-year-old Scooter, a chihuahua mix, walked into traffic and Mary Barker almost ran him over. She got out of the car, and on closer inspection, the small dog came with a message.



Posted on October 15, 2011 at 10:45 PM

Updated Saturday, Oct 15 at 10:47 PM

RICHARDSON, Texas -- Eight-year-old Scooter, a chihuahua mix, walked into traffic on a busy downtown street Monday night and Mary Barker nearly ran him over.

"My son Jack was calling out, 'Mom stop, stop! It's a dog,'" Barker said.

The family got out of the car to check on the dog and noticed a piece of paper taped to his collar.

It was a typed note, with instructions for whoever found him.

"My name is Scooter," it read. "I like to chew on nylabones. I'm good with other dogs."

It was a road map to Scooter's life

"I'm faithful and will follow you around from room to room," it said.

"I also like to say 'hi' by giving kisses to your ankles."

It was a touching letter, believed to be from the dogs owner - who for some reason, abandoned him in the Richardson neighborhood.

Barker took him home and contacted a pet rescue group.

"It  was really sad, it broke our hearts to see a note and know he was cared for, and whoever couldn't keep him anymore," said Elise Bissell.

Bissell runs a Take Me Home pet rescue.

She said she's never seen such sad note left with an abandoned animal.

Scooter is staying with a foster family for now, as they wait to see if he'll be adopted.

If you would like to find out more about Scooter you can learn more on the Take Me Home rescue's Facebook page, linked above.