Silver Apple 2012-13: Mr. Serafin, Cactus High School


by Patti Kirkpatrick

Posted on December 14, 2012 at 12:32 PM

Updated Saturday, Oct 19 at 6:35 AM

PHOENIX - We are proud to continue the 3TV Silver Apple tradition teacher recognizing great teachers in Arizona and we begin this year at Cactus High School where we took a beloved teacher by surprise.

An extraordinary response from normally self-conscious teenagers is what we got when we surprised Mr. Serafin with a Silver Apple award and check for $500 from Silver Apple sponsor Ace Air.

Freshman Shannon Dugan nominated Mr. Serafin. David Serafin teaches biology, bio-technology and is the student council adviser but his dedication to his kids, his passion for teaching make him a superstar at Cactus High.

"In this job its all about relationships, so before you can teach them a thing you do have to have that relationship with them," said Mr. Serafin.

"He is really dedicated to his student body and his class. He stays after school," said Dugan.

"When the kids know 'this guy cares about me' they want to do well for you and they'll work hard and they'll be engaged in the lesson," said Serafin.

And engaged they are. His students are not only devoted to their science teacher but they work hard for him often achieving more than they ever imagined. His kids get the highest AP test scores in the district.

"He empowers us a lot and teaches a lot," said Dugan.

"It's all about caring for kids and I love this," said Serafin. "I love coming to work every day."

3TV would like to thank this year's sponsor Ace Air for their support of the program.

Mr. Serafin says he was inspired to become a teacher by his own sixth grade teacher who through a simple act of kindness showed David that he mattered.