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  • (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

    Rush hour traffic meets Monday Night Football

    The Arizona Cardinals are hosting the Dallas Cowboys for Monday Night Football at the University of Phoenix Stadium on September 25, which means fans will be coming from all over the Valley, causing more traffic than usual in the West Valley.

  • Wind shakes palm trees as Hurricane Maria approaches the coast of Bavaro, Dominican Republic, Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017. (Source: AP Photo/Tatiana Fernandez)

    Will brutal hurricane season affect your island getaway? Maybe

    \With the storm season in full swing -- and three major hurricanes in four weeks definitely counts as full swing -- the situation on the ground on some of the islands of the Caribbean is changing hour by hour, day by day.

  • (Source: Tatiana Popova via 123RF)

    Travel speak: A room with a view

    When planning your next vacation, look carefully at the type of room you’re booking in with your package. You just might see some terms that won’t mean much to you, but could affect what you’ll see out your picture window.

  • Hurricane warning: Find out how a name affects your travel insurance

    As the fallout continues from Harvey, and Florida braces for Irma, our agency has been fielding calls and e-mails from clients wondering about their upcoming trips.

  • (Source: Port of San Diego)

    Set sail from San Diego!

    The final buildout of the huge Port of San Diego renovation in downtown’s North Embarcadero area will soon be complete!

  • (Source: AP)

    Cancun and Cabo: Behind the headlines

    Tales of tourists getting sick or blacking out after drinking in Mexico are not new - or even uncommon.

  • (Source: Maksym Yemelyanov via 123RF)

    Traveling abroad this summer? Be smart -- and safe

    When planning your next big adventure, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • What the eclipse will look like at 10:35 a.m. (Source: NASA)

    Majestic places to view solar eclipse in AZ

    Sure, we won’t get the total eclipse here in Arizona, but the show here will still be quite impressive, particularly in the northernmost parts of the state.