• Like the magician, "Houdini" the Desert tortoise has pulled off a disappearing act. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

    'Houdini' the Desert tortoise missing in Goodyear

    Like the magician, "Houdini" the Desert tortoise has pulled off a disappearing act. Houdini is a pet tortoise for a family in Goodyear and they say he has been missing since the morning of August 15.

  • (Source: The Arizona Humane Society)

    Mama dog and 8 pups discovered under porch; reunited at shelter

    It was a happy day for a mama dog and her eight tiny pups, as they were reunited after being separated.

  • Catnapper caught on camera taking kitten from front porch

    A West Valley man says a guy delivering a package from Amazon catnapped a kitten from his front porch, and his surveillance camera was rolling. 

  • (Source: CBS)

    Where's Goldilocks? Three bears frolic in backyard playhouse

    There's no horsing around here... just three bears frolicking in a backyard. A homeowner in Simsbury, Connecticut captured their playful romp on video.

  • (Source: Larry Trefz)

    Me-wow! Bobcats chillin' in Cave Creek hot tub

    These cool cats know how to relax! Larry Trefz of Cave Creek sent these photos to 3TV/CBS 5 Wednesday morning of this family of bobcats hanging out in his hot tub. 

  • (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

    Make-A-Wish teen gets shopping spree with her beloved dog

    Wish granted! A Valley teen got to go on a special shopping spree... with a canine twist. Meet 18-year-old Danielle and her dog, Gordo. 

  • Minnie (Source: Arizona Humane Society)

    Pet of the week: Minnie

    Just as sweet as her name and picture suggest, Minnie came through the doors of the Arizona Humane Society after her previous owners realized they could no longer provide her with the proper amount of love and attention she deserved.

  • Sweetheart Sunday: Sweetie needs a 'furever' home

    A dog named Sweetie was rescued from a hoarding situation and is now searching for a "furever" home. She loves nothing more than cuddling and will bond closely with that special somebody. If you think you might be that somebody, give the Arizona Humane Society a call at (602) 997-7585. (Sunday, Aug. 13, 2017)

  • Creative way to help the pooch cool off

    We're in the dog days of summer in Phoenix! I know I do my best to keep cool if I'm outside, but I saw a pretty creative idea in my neighborhood to help pets do the same! 

  • (Source: Arizona Humane Society)

    Kitten survives being stuck in storm drain; her recovery being called 'remarkable'

    Monsoon storms can be rough, causing damage to homes and knocking down power lines. But those storms present a particularly harrowing time for a days-old kitten, who found herself without her mama and stuck in a storm drain.

  • A New Jersey cat's Florida adventure lasted 46 days after Steve Kreuger, from Bullhead, Arizona, and Ana Fontana stopped at a restaurant in Florida, where Trotsy the cat bolted. (Source: nwfdailynews.com)

    Couple reunited with cat lost for 46 days after cross-country trip from Arizona

    A New Jersey cat's Florida adventure lasted 46 days after Steve Kreuger, from Bullhead, Arizona, and Ana Fontana stopped at a restaurant in Florida, where Trotsy the cat bolted.

  • Glendale has become the first city in the Valley to enact an animal cruelty ordinance, in close partnership with the Arizona Humane Society. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

    Glendale gets tough on animal cruelty with recent ordinance

    Glendale has become the first city in the Valley to enact an animal cruelty ordinance.

  • (Source: Arizona Game and Fish Dept.)

    Baby deer taken out of desert, brought to local bar

    It's a growing problem across Arizona - people with good intentions taking animals out of the wild. It happened again last week-end, when someone grabbed a baby deer and took it to a bar.  

  • (MEREDITH Images)

    Animals and the eclipse: how will they react?

    While most of us will be looking up at the eclipse August 21, you may also want to look around and take a close listen, because something unusual could be happening with the animals on our planet -- at least, we think it could. "

  • (Source: Arizona Humane Society)

    5 ill puppies rescued from 'deplorable' conditions in Phoenix home

    The Arizona Humane Society assisted Phoenix police in rescuing five extremely ill puppies from a north Valley home. The case has now become a suspected animal cruelty investigation.

  • (Source: Arizona Humane Society)

    Army soldier reunited with dog after deployment

    Buster the Chihuahua last snuggled with his owner one year ago, when she had to leave him to serve her country.

  • AHS partnered with the SPCA of Texas to send 50 cats to Dallas where there aren't enough kittens for adopters there.(Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

    50 adoptable kittens headed from Phoenix to the Lone Star state

    It's road trip time for dozens of adoptable felines. In an effort to save more lives, 50 kittens from the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) will be hitting the road on Sunday, August 6, for a 15-hour trip to Dallas to find their new forever homes at the SPCA of Texas. 

  • (Source: MCACC)

    'Bonded' besties get adopted together at County shelter

    Even man's best friend needs his own best four-legged buddy sometimes. Meet Bonnie and Clyde, a "bonded" pair of besties who were up for adoption at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) shelter. The pair has found their forever home and they get to stay together.

  • (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

    Phoenix rescue group uses drones to search for lost dog

    Dresden is a rescue dog who was in foster care and spent the day with a potential adopter when he went missing after being left in a backyard.

  • (Source: CNN)

    Eww! Invasion of the caterpillars in Tucson pool

    It was the invasion of the caterpillars in a Tucson pool! Yuck. The sight of thousands of caterpillars swarming their pool was enough to make a Tucson family's skin crawl.

  • Your pet may need a lawyer! A lawyer? To represent you and your pet? Yes! We found more attorneys are now specializing in working for four-legged clients. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

    Does your pet need an attorney?

    3 on your side

    Did your cat cause a catastrophe? Was your canine involved in a caper? They may need a lawyer! A lawyer? To represent you and your pet? Yes! We found more attorneys are now specializing in working for four-legged clients.    

  • VIDEO: Baby animals! Because baby animals!

    Who can resist adorable baby animals? Certainly not us here at azfamily.com! Cuteness is the only reason we're posting this video. (And it's an excellent reason, right?) Click to enjoy some baby tigers making their debut at a zoo in Hamburg, Germany, baby cheetah quintuplets(!) in Prague and a baby orca showing off in the wild in Canada. (Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017)

    CRITTER CORNER: http://www.azfamily.com/animals

  • (Source: Bryan Yeager)

    Mesa police officer rescues dog stuck in a canal

    A dog is reunited with his owner after he was saved from a canal by a Mesa police officer and an observant citizen.

  • (Source: AAWL)

    AAWL hopes to raise money for clinic expansion

    The Arizona Animal Welfare League announced Thursday that it will be expanding its low-cost clinic this fall, thanks to a grant from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust. Now, the shelter is looking to raise $30,000 by the end of this month to buy necessary medical equipment. 

  • (Source: DBG Facebook)

    Fall butterfly exhibit to return next month

    Fall and cooler temperatures must be right around the corner, since it's almost time once again for the butterflies to return to Desert Botanical Gardens. .

  • The KISS calf ( (Heather Taccetta right/via AP, Natacha Pisarenko, left/Associated Press)

    Calf born looking like KISS rocker Gene Simmons

    KISS frontman Gene Simmons is udderly thrilled by a newborn calf born with strikingly similar black-and-white markings to the face paint he wears on stage. 

  • Shrek (Source: Arizona Humane Society)

    Pet of the week: Shrek

    Not only is Shrek extremely sweet and compassionate, he’s also very intelligent. He has already learned several tricks and is more than happy to perform them.

  • Handi Dogs: From rescue to service program

    Tucson's own Handi-Dogs non-profit organization joined us on Fox 11 Daybreak to talk about their program that helps out dogs and people alike!

  • (Source: Pixabay)

    Woman calls 911 during snake attack: 'I have a boa constrictor stuck to my face'

    Firefighters came to the rescue of a 45-year-old woman that was being attacked by a rescued boa constrictor that wrapped around her and biting her face.

  • (Source: Facebook)

    Jaime's Local Love: Puff and Fluff Grooming and Pet Sitting

    Puff & Fluff Grooming and Pet Sitting is made up of a team of professionals with a passion for taking care animals.

  • The white-nose syndrome has killed more than 5.7 million bats in eastern North America. (Source: Lynne Russell)

    AZ Game and Fish awarded grant for bat research

    Arizona wildlife officials are increasing their research efforts on a deadly bat disease with much-needed grant money.

  • (Source: Mayday Pit Bull rescue)

    Pit bull rescued in Egypt getting care in Arizona

    It's a happy ending for a pit bull rescued from a life of dog fighting in Egypt. But it was a long journey to get here.

  • (Source: 3TV/ CBS 5)

    Beaten golden retriever rescued from abusive owner gets second chance

    A golden retriever who survived a brutal beating and was saved from an abusive owner is getting a second chance at a happy life.

  • (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

    Scottsdale vet clinic uses oxygen therapy to treat animals

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been used for years in human medicine for years to treat a range of conditions. But now, one Scottsdale animal clinic is using hyperbaric therapy to help animals, as well. 

  • Phoenix bat. (July 21, 2017) [Source: 3TV/CBS5]

    Biologists net bats in Scottsdale, debunk myths while public watches

    About a half dozen times a year, the Arizona Game and Fish Department nets bats for research and the public can tag along.

  • GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Protect your dog from ticks

    They're small, gross, and can do more than cause discomfort for your pet. Ticks can spread disease and experts say you can expect to see more of them during the monsoon.

  • Joanna Caujolle wants to adopt a dog that was dragged by its owner. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

    Suspect's ex-roommate fights to adopt dragged Cottonwood dog

    A battle is being fought for an allegedly abused dog. The owner is in jail and his former roommate wants to adopt the little dog.

  • (Source: Arizona Humane Society)

    Happy anniversary AHS! Arizona Humane Society marks 60 years in the Valley

    The Arizona Humane Society is marking a huge milestone. The shelter has been finding new families for homeless pets for 60 years now.

  • Gavel the puppy flunked out of the police academy but his new job is perfect for him. (Source: Facebook)

    New job assigned for dog who flunked out of police academy

    Not every dog is made for taking down bad guys, but a dog who didn't make it through the police academy now has an assignment that is tailored to his talents.  

  • Officer Joseph Procopio with Olivia the Patagonian mara (Source: Glendale Police Dept. via Facebook)

    Kangaroo? Chupacabra? Nope. Glendale cop saves exotic pet

    Police officers are called to all kinds of different scenes, sometimes for unusual reasons. For Officer Joseph Procopio of the Glendale Police Department, it was “a kangaroo in the street.” Wait. What?