• If you're unfamiliar with a monsoon, there is plenty to expect. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

    What exactly is an Arizona monsoon?

    Last Friday marked the official start of the monsoon season and rain quickly followed suit in the Phoenix area. But what exactly does it mean to begin the monsoon season?

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    Monsoon rolls into the state with a stormy Saturday

    This year's monsoon season is officially just a day old, but it's already brought us some wet weather, cloudy skies and cooler temperatures. 

  • SLIDESHOW: Saturday monsoon rolls into town

    Just one day into monsoon season, our state got hit with monsoon storms. The monsoon brought us some much-needed rain and cooler temps.  

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    Monsoon rain could mean slick roads

    With the start of the monsoon and rain in the forecast, we turned to the experts on how to avoid getting into an accident.

  • Large dust storms expected during 2018 monsoon

    The Monsoon can create some fantastic thunderstorms and when those storms explode. 

  • Pet owners need to protect their pets during the hot summer months. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

    Keeping your pets safe in 110-degree heat

    Much like humans, pets can suffer from heat exhaustion in just a matter of minutes.

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    Power outages imminent with monsoon, APS is ready

    In the hot summer months (the season officially hits on June 21), APS always wants you to have power, especially for your air conditioner. The imminent monsoon storms, however, can throw a wrench in that.

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    Monsoon season begins with rain chances in the Phoenix forecast

    The monsoon season has officially begun with rain in the forecast for Phoenix on Friday. The high for Friday is expected to be around 95 degrees with a 30 to 50 percent chance of rain.

  • The monsoon can have unwelcome effects on your health

    The monsoon is showing some signs of life as early as Friday, and the changeover from a dry heat to muggy air with clouds can have an impact on our health.

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    Scottsdale offers sandbags for residents ahead of monsoon season

    With the monsoon season approaching in Arizona, the City of Scottsdale wants to make sure their residents are prepared for the summer storms.

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    The 5 best things about the Arizona monsoon

    Five Best Things About the Monsoon  It's that time of the year again! The Arizona Monsoon starts Friday and boy are we excited. Here are the top five best things about the monsoon in Arizona.  

  • ADOT says drivers should avoid driving through a dust storm in the first place. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

    How to survive a dust storm: ADOT's tips for drivers

    Drivers should try to avoid driving through a dust storm in the first place.

  • Here are a few tips to help you "pull aside, stay alive" during the monsoon (Source: Arizona Department of Transportation)

    State launches campaign for safety during monsoons

     A new safety campaign will remind Arizona drivers stuck in dust storms to pull over, turn off all car lights and wait until visibility is back before hitting the road again.

  • Emergency rooms in Maricopa County are seeing a spike in heat related illness incidents. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5 News)

    Maricopa County emergency rooms see spike in heat related illnesses

    Emergency rooms in Maricopa County are seeing a spike in patients getting sick from exposure to extreme desert heat. “I have 6 kids that I have to take care of, and if I get sick, then who’s going to take care of them?” said Esperanza Madrid, a Phoenix mom. 

  • Arizona could see more rain than usual during the monsoon. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

    Get ready for the monsoon - just a week away!

    A weekly report issued Thursday by the US Drought Monitor shows Arizona needs rain, badly. According to the data, 97 percent of the state is classified under severe drought or worse.  

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    Get excited! Monsoon hints rumbling to our south

    This week, storms started to fire over the Sierra Madre, the mountain range on the western side of the Mexican plateau. 

  • Heat Warnings: What you need to know

    Arizona's notorious summer heat has arrived. We hit 110 degrees for the first time this year earlier this week, and more toasty temps are in the forecast.  

  • Crews are doing some last-minute training before the monsoon hits in mid-June. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

    Phoenix crews train and prepare for monsoon rescues

    Phoenix police and fire rescue teams perform about 100 rescues per year. The predictability of each swift water rescue means training goes on all year.

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    Feel the heat: Hot flashes, summer heat and hormones

    Hot flashes and night sweats are common in menopausal women, but they can also occur in other groups including some men.

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    Stay cool: Phoenix summer gears up with excess heat warning

    The National Weather Service declared the warning for Phoenix for Sunday and Monday, saying highs of 106 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit were expected both days.

  • Arizona Heat Awareness Week gives tips on staying safe during extreme heat

    Summer is on its way and temperatures are starting to rise in Arizona. The National Weather Service and state officials have teamed up for Arizona Heat Awareness Week, a way to remind Arizonans to stay safe and hydrated during our periods of extreme heat. 

  • Arizona could see more rain than usual during the monsoon. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

    Sneak peek at monsoon forecast

    After an especially dry winter and spring, could this upcoming monsoon season bring Arizona the rain we've been waiting for? Meteorologist April Warnecke takes a look at the updated forecast for the 2018 monsoon season.

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    Expert warns of child dehydration signs during desert heat

    Dr. Bill Schneider, of Banner Thunderbird Hospital, says outdoor activities can turn dangerous quickly if a child begins to get dehydrated.

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