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“I'd like people to think of me as someone who cares about them.”
- Diana, Princess of Wales

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Character is defined as one of the attributes or features that make up and distinguish an individual. More specifically, character is the complex of mental and ethical traits marking and often individualizing a person or group (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary). It is not political, religious or culturally biased.

But character is more than what we show others - it is who we are when no one is watching. Character is what determines how we respond to the circumstances of life. It is a pattern of actions, thoughts and feelings that embody who we are at our core.

"Kids with Character" is designed to highlight Valley teens who exhibit character in such a way that it makes their community better.

Each entry should explain how the nominee exemplifies one or more of the attributes of character below (click here for official rules):

  • Caring - being concerned or interested in others, harboring a desire to help others, willing to give of time, effort, etc.
  • Community - participating in the world around you in an effort to make it a better place; being helpful and willing to work together to positively affect the community in which you live
  • Dependability - being able to be trusted to do what is expected; the ability to be accountable for one’s words and actions
  • Optimistic - maintaining a positive outlook; feeling positive or hopeful about the future
  • Perseverance - showing a steady effort toward a goal, working through roadblocks or issues and not giving up
  • Respect - recognizing and accepting of differences, treating others as equals; showing consideration of self, others and community
  • Resourcefulness - ability to act effectively and imaginatively in difficult or unusual situations; finding use for things others would discard or overlook
  • Trustworthiness - being reliable, able to be counted upon; acting with integrity, exhibiting loyalty; being honest and sincere in thought and action


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Kids with Character - Honorable Mention Kids
Melissa L. is a born leader who exhibits the qualities of caring, community, dependability, perseverance, respect and trustworthiness. She focuses her time in our high school youth group, Temple Youth as the Social Action Vice President. This means she is devoted to helping others and creates programs for our youth to volunteer at different organizations in the Phoenix Community such as ICM, St. Vincent's Food Bank, and Phoenix Children's Hospital. She is extremely reliable. This teen is respectful as well. Overall, Melissa is a wonderful individual who is committed to her school, congregation, and the larger Phoenix community.
Nathan S. has shown a deep-rooted concern and caring for others, especially those less fortunate than him. He has volunteered at Andre House, Feed Our Starving Children, St. Vincent de Paul and Watkins Homeless shelter. In middle school, he was the first to stand up for kids being picked on, no matter what that meant for him. He lives by the motto “Treat others as you want to be treated.” Last year, Nathan, along with his brother, created the Re-Pack Project and ended up collecting 10,000 items! They packed up 70 backpacks with binders, notebooks and loaded pencil boxes for distribution to kids living in poverty in Africa and donated the rest of the supplies to UMOM Homeless shelter here in Phoenix. He is always saying, “Kids can change the world” and his actions clearly demonstrate that is true!
CenturyLink Prism's Kids with Character

Do you know a "Kid with Character?" CenturyLink Prism wants to celebrate area kids (ages 13 - 17) who are impacting their families and communities in a positive way. Kids who are using technology to make a difference in their world. Kids who are going out of their way to create positive change. If you know a kid like that, nominate them here!

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