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  • Police intensify search for missing baby Lisa

    Deborah Bradley sobbed Thursday as she described the frantic moments after she and husband Jeremy Irwin discovered their 10-month-old daughter was missing from her crib. Hundreds of law enforcement officers continued for a third day to search for the infant.
  • Baby Lisa's family returns to their home

    The parents of missing baby Lisa Irwin move back to their Northland residence Tuesday. This comes a day after the mother of Lisa's 8-year-old brother filed a petition for custody of the boy. An attorney for Lisa's mother said police have been "cruel" to Debbie Bradley.
  • Baby Lisa's half brothers interviewed about missing sister

    A trained child specialist interviewed missing baby Lisa Irwin's older half brothers Thursday afternoon.
  • Tina Porter turned away in efforts to assist baby Lisa's parents

    Tina Porter's attempts to speak with the parents of missing baby Lisa Irwin were rebuffed Friday night.
  • Interviews with Baby Lisa's brothers scrapped

    Debbie Bradley and Jeremy Irwin have canceled plans for a trained specialist to interview their two sons about the disappearance of their missing daughter.
  • Affidavit says cadaver dog indicated positive 'hit' in home

    A major development was revealed Friday in the Lisa Irwin case. KCTV5 has learned a cadaver dog had a "hit" inside the family's home earlier this week.
  • TIMELINE: Details in the search for missing baby Lisa Irwin

    A timeline chronicles the search for missing 11-month-old Lisa Irwin.
  • Poll: How long should an Amber Alert remain in place when a child is missing?

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