Textured wallpaper for faux coffered / tin ceiling


by Debbie Hernandez / The Home Depot


Posted on August 14, 2009 at 10:19 AM

Updated Wednesday, Aug 26 at 10:37 AM


Home project

Add texture to your walls - Debbie Hernandez from The Home Depot shows azfamily.com's Scott Pasmore a great way to add texture to your walls.

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-Wallpaper Paste

-Textured Wall coverings

-Smoother or trowel and a sponge

-Utility knife

-Regent Metallic Paint from Ralph Lauren

-Glaze (optional)

Instructions: For Ceiling or Wall:

-Roll primer onto surface with paint or wallpaper primer. (Need to apply wall coverings to a flat sheened surface, primer or flat paint will do.) (The wallpaper will not stick properly to satin, semi-gloss or glossy surfaces)

-Measure ceiling or wall and calculate how many sheets of wallpaper will be needed.

-Cut the first sheet the full length of the ceiling or wall.

-Measure over the width of the wallpaper and snap a plume line

-This will give you a straight level line to follow, for the first piece and all other pieces.

-Brush the paste on the back of the entire first piece, fold into sections, called booking.

-Place first end up, unfold and smooth as you go, following your plumb line.

-Each additional piece will be slightly staggered down to achieve the pattern match.

-Finish the ceiling/wall and allow to dry.

-Apply Metallic paint. this wall covering is a printable surface or leave it white. (Painting the wallpaper a Metallic will give the look and feel of a Tin / Coffered Ceiling) -By using a silver, pewter, bronze or gold, it will have the appearance of metal. The key is to only use this in accent areas! **At this point a charcoal or brown aging glaze may be added for effect , if desired**

Materials: For Art to Hang:

-2'x2'x3/4" piece of plywood

-10' flat 1 1/2" flat molding

-10' 3/4" screen molding

-Liquid Nails


-Textured Wallpaper



-Hanging Hardware

-Blue tape


-Miter flat molding to fit around to top edge of the 2x2 piece of plywood, this will frame the front.

-Miter the screen molding to fit all around the side edges, a complete frame will be created from the two

-Apply all molding onto the 2x2 using Liquid Nails and secure with Blue Tape until dry

-Fill any gaps with wood filler, Sand any areas that areas not smooth.

-Prime surface with paint primer

-Cut out size of textured wallpaper to fit inside frame or individual pieces and create your own design

-Apply with wallpaper with paste on the back to primed surface.

-Let dry.

-Paint Desired base color

-Use glaze color to add relief (see the heights of the pattern)

(Roll on lightly or wipe on and wipe off, this will add more texture and depth to the piece.)

-Add Hanging hardware to the back; hang and enjoy!