Sweet feet: Pamper yourself with this recipe


by Terri Nacke, Eco-ista / La Bella Terre, Botany for the Body


Posted on August 15, 2009 at 2:11 PM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 22 at 12:50 PM


Sweet feet: Pamper yourself with this recipe - I wanted to create a refreshing scent that reminded me of summers past; making clover necklaces and drinking lemonade.

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Sweet Feet recipe ingredients

1 Foot Tub 2-3 cups landscaping pebbles or another option is marbles Hot or cold Water 4 ounces or 1/2cup Dead Sea Salt 10 drops Vetiver 20 drops Bergamot

I wanted to create a refreshing scent that reminded me of summers past; making clover necklaces and drinking lemonade.

Sweet Feet recipe is great for a day of self pampering:

Place the Dead Sea salt and essential oils into the foot tub with enough (comfortably hot or cold as-you-can-stand) water to cover your feet and ankles. Swish with your feet to blend. Next add the pebbles to almost cover the bottom. Soak your feet for 15-20 minutes while at the same time gently rolling them back and forth over the pebbles. Occasionally, grasp and release the pebbles with your toes. This action stretches and relaxes the feet. The foot and muscle stimulation combined with these suggested essential oils and Dead Sea salt refreshes and relieves achy, swollen feet.

Eco-ista tip: To follow this recipe is a great way to spend time with your sole mates. If you walk barefoot upon the morning dew, you will become beautiful - American Folklore.

Vetivere - Root base note, wood, green, earthy herbal, spicy. It is an earthy-scented oil with sweet undertones. It soothes tired sore muscles and joints, strengthens the immune system. It is an excellent for skin care to rejuvenate and soothe. Use it to relieve muscle aches and stiffness. Its grounding, calming qualities are useful for spacey, nervous or emotionally exhausted individuals.Bergamot - Peel top note, fresh citrus. It is refreshing citrus oil that comes from the peel of a small, round, Italian fruit, and was named after the town of Bergamo in Italy. Many recognize its scent as the flavoring in Earl Grey tea. It reduces inflammation, enhances immunity and cools. Bergamot is a key essential oil to ease, soothe stress, anxiety and helps relieve insomnia.How Do the Dead Sea Salts Work? The waters of the Dead Sea are unique, having a total salt concentration that is 10 times higher than ocean water. But that's not all; the composition of the Dead Sea salt is also unique, comprising magnesium, potassium and calcium chlorides, in addition to a high concentration of bromides. This extraordinary chemical composition has made the Dead Sea an ideal spot for people seeking relief from skin and rheumatic disorders. In fact, these soothing miracle-working waters have a reputation that dates back over 2000 years when the Roman historian Flavius noted "Dead Sea salt cannot be praised too highly because it heals the human body and is therefore used in many medicines."How Do Therapeutic Essential Oils Work? The circulatory system is the body's main system of transport. Although there is continual research into the specific pathways and effectiveness of essential oils, are generally absorbed into the circulatory system via absorption through the skin or mucous membranes. Once the essential oil molecules have entered the bloodstream they travel throughout the body miraculously, they then produce the desired affect according to their properties (chemical constituents).